Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Insider Threat to Drivers

This article shows that the human factor is always going to be a major factor in any overall security stance. A disgruntled downsized employee used a former coworker's account to access a system for tracking and disabling cars that they now use frequently at "buy here, pay here" auto sales places. A bunch of people had unworking cars until they reserved this. It kind of makes you concerned for what the future could hold as we place more and more computerized control devices in cars and other electronic equipment.

I am reminded of a recent Onstar commercial where they remotely disable a stolen car so the police can catch it. While that sounds great, what would happen if a disgruntled employee got access to that system? It is very important that we make sure companies with that kind of control have very secure development processes. In this case, making it harder for a single employee to disable so many vehicles so quickly would have been a reasonable development limitation and would have limited the possible damage in a case like this.

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