Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sausage and Security Standards

Most of us have heard the statement that you never want to see 2 things being made: sausage or laws. Both are quite revolting when you get a close insight into the process.

I would probably add security standards to that list. I got to spend most of this week working with a standards group that was doing just that. This was my second time attending their meetings and while I found it very interesting, it is definitely a messy process.

People can very easily get on each others nerves in such an atmosphere, though I did find everyone remarkably cordial overall. Much of the week was outside my direct area of interest and the part that really fit my background seemed to get a bit bogged down in issues I was not as passionate about.

That said, I am still planning on attending the next meeting. I am working with a friend toward a valuable goal in this area and think it is both worth my time to go and a good part of my own learning process.

I do hope to be even more informed before my next meeting, though others have told me this is the normal pattern. The first few meetings you just listen and learn. Then, as you get more comfortable and can put more of the pieces together, you can be more involved in the debate/discussion/coordination.

Worth checking out if you are interested, but I will warn you that it can be boring! It can also be scary if you think of who the many good standards we have must have been made.... :)


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