Friday, September 25, 2009

Independent Security Researcher

At the end of August I took a generous buyout package from my employer and I am now an independent security researcher, whatever that means. I am planning on focusing on development security, since that fits really well with my background, but I am also quite interested in compliance issues and I believe my PCI experience is worth using in the marketplace today.

I am not looking for anything specific now, enjoying a slightly longer break than I have had in some time, but I am now starting to dig into things. I plan on doing some work with OWASP in some manner, but let me know if you have an ideal opportunity.

I would love to get my PhD now, so also let me know if you know of a good place I could craft a unique program, learn some more, contribute and have fun. I am hoping to not relocate from the Dallas area anytime soon, but I am open to travel as needed.


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