Friday, September 25, 2009

CISM Passed

I took this test in June and I was not at all sure I passed. The questions are much less clear cut than I prefer, carrying a lot of thought underneath what is written. At least that is my opinion.

My CISM test reminded me of a Probability and Statistics test I took in college. I had gotten A grades in math through Differential Equations prior to that, so math was not the problem (for me). I was just having a harder time wrapping my mind around the concepts in the class, which went beyond basic "rolls of the die" probability. I came out of a 4 question test knowing I missed 2 questions and feeling I had only partially passed 1. I figured I failed my first math test. I ended up getting a B on the test, likely because everyone else struggled.

That is what my CISM felt like. I passed, even though it didn't feel like I would at the time. Lots of people knew I would do well, since passing tests is fairly easy for me, but I suspect it is my hatred of not doing excellently that threw me off. :)

Now I just need to get all the paperwork into them. I was waiting for confirmation of my degree, which I just got in a letter from my college. I will get that out soon and just have to wait for everything to process.


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