Saturday, June 13, 2009

Took the CISM Today!

I took the CISM today. I almost had a "stupid tax" and would remind everyone to sign up for the CISA/CISM/CGEIT with your name exactly as it is on your government ID. I go by my middle name and that almost bit more for the test. Fortunately, I passed the id check fine.

The test itself is a real pain. I primarily used the computer-based questions they sell. I was doing really well on those prior to the test, but the test has too many that are fairly different that it is dangerous to rely just on those.

In fact, I found many of the questions to be very vague and hard to nail down. My experience with the computer-based questions was that they sometimes leave clarifying words out, making for a fuzzy meaning at times. I learned which questions did this, but several on the real test seemed to repeat this pattern, making this a very frustrating experience.

This makes me uncertain whether I passed or not. I finished it in less than 2 hours, but I was uncertain about enough of them that I am not sure how well I did. I could see just going on either side of the pass and fail line or failing spectacularly based on my trouble with reading their intent with many of the questions.

In addition to the fuzziness, I found that I disagreed with some of the questions in the computer practice. I hope I had their mindset when I was taking the test today, but I am not sure.



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