Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GCIH Conquered!

My best score yet! A 97% on the GCIH exam!

I think that having taken the GCFW less than a month before certainly helped since both courses have a lot of overlapped. I certainly questioned having taken them both that close together, but it ultimately worked out really well.

Now I am studying for the rest of the requirements for the GSE-C platinum level exam. I want to reach that before taking a break and keeping my focus on that while it remains fresh in my head is a good idea.

I don't currently face any deadlines though, since I haven't paid for the challenges yet though. Ironically, not having that pressure can make it more challenging to keep things at a high priority. I am going to finish the other two (G7799 and GSNA) this year though, if at all possible!

I plan on working on the gold papers after I clear those out of the way. I have already started the shell of one (on secure development). I figure I can find someplace to publish it if the topic isn't accepted. One key thing will be limiting myself to just 4 papers. :)



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